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Our goal is for all our clients – whether 5 years old, 15, or 55 – to walk out of our doors feeling better than when they walked in.  We are here to not only teach academic skills, but to build confidence, enhance organizational and study skills, as well as help set and attain personal goals.

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“When your son comes home from an SAT Prep class and says he wishes he could do all of his homework at TEC because Mrs. Cumberland has created such a great environment and it’s fun… you send a message to the amazing teacher behind it all so she knows the positive impact she is making and you leave a 5-Star review on her business page!!! Yvonne – I was only halfway kidding when I asked if he could come everyday! Thank you for using the talents the Lord has blessed you with to help make learning fun for these kids!!” – Ms. Williams

“Yvonne and her staff have truly been a Godsend. They were going to retain my son in kindergarten, but because he improved so much in the month that he started tutoring with her he will now be going to first grade. He enjoys going so much that he doesn’t want to leave. I can’t begin to thank them enough for the help they’ve given him and how much of a positive difference this is making in his life. I will be forever grateful! THANK YOU!!!” – Ms. Barnett

“I feel so confident about my college entrance essays thanks to TEC. Mrs. Cumberland’s brainstorming process is awesome and really helped me organize my thoughts and find a clear focus for my writing. After I finished my rough draft, she assisted in editing my papers for errors and also helped add little nuances to make my writing stand out from the others. Being the first in my household to go to college, my parents and I weren’t really sure where to start, but I am so glad I found TEC to help me through this lengthy process. Can’t wait to celebrate my acceptance letters with them!!” – Mr. Jarvis

“Often times places like Sylvan and Kumon will advertise that there summer skills classes are aligned with what district teaches the kids.  I’ve paid for both of my kids to try each program in the past and they NEVER delivered on what they promised…we definitely see the return on our investment from your math summer skills with our girls…So, THANK YOU for a well developed course.  The summer bridge activities were 100% spot on with what they are doing this semester.” – Anonymous Parent

“I learned more in 60 minutes of this class than I did in 1 whole day of school!” – Zackery Elinwood

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